New Release DVD FAQ's

This is a list of the most popular questions:

1. I rented a Blu-ray DVD, why doesn't it play in my DVD player?
A. Blu-ray movies only play in Blu-ray players. They are a much higher definition DVD utilizing a blue laser instead of the standard red laser used in standard DVD players. Blu-ray players will play standard DVDs and CDs. Blu-ray players should be connected to the Internet in order to enjoy the full capacity of your Blu-ray player. Without an Internet connection your Blu-ray player's firmware can not stay updated in order to enjoy the newest releases which may require a firmware update.

2. I rented a Blu-ray DVD, but the standard DVD is missing from the case.
A. As posted on the kiosks, all Blu-ray DVDs will only contain the Blu-ray disc. Only 1 version of the movie will be rented in a case.

3. The DVD is not playing properly - it is skipping, pixilating during play. What can I do?
A. Most DVDs not playing correctly is caused by fingerprints on the DVD. The oil in your fingers does not allow the light in your DVD player to read the disc properly. Many of the DVDs come with a DVD cleaning pad which is just rubbing alcohol. Use this pad or rubbing alcohol to clean the oil from the DVD surface and then wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.

4. The DVD does not play at all - says disc is unreadable.
A. Not all new DVDs will play in all DVD players, gaming consoles, etc. If the disc appears to be clean and scratch free then try the DVD in another DVD player to confirm it is not the player. Most customer find that just by switching to another player they can then view the DVD.

5. The DVD plays about 10 minutes and then mutes - Cinavia error message
A. This usually has to do with either the firmware being out of date on either your DVD or Blu-ray player.
B. You can try to fix by changing the digital output on your DVD or Blu-ray player:
1.Select Settings on the home screen.
2.Select Audio.
3.Select Digital Output.
4.Select a re-encoded option.
5.Try playing the DVD or Blu-ray disc again.

6. What time does the movie need to be returned?
A. The return time for all discs is either the store closing for the day or 9 PM, whichever is earlier. You can return to another New Release DVD red kiosk location if your store closes prior to 9 PM.

7. My child ripped off the arrow label on the outside of the DVD, how do I return it?
A. The customer service counter in the stores all have additional arrow labels and also there should be a supply in a pouch located on the side of the kiosk behind the artwork panel.

8. The DVD case has been destroyed by my ....(dog, baby, child, car, etc.). What should I do?
A. All customer service locations have a supply of new DVD and Blu-ray cases. Please put the discs artwork and the disc inside the new case to be able to return back into the kiosk. If the store is out of new cases, please leave the disc and case remains at the customer service counter at the store. Be sure to fill out return information.

9. I have a movie that I can not return into the kiosk. What do I do?
A. All stores have a DVD check in at their customer service counter for DVDs that will not return into the kiosk. Be sure to fill out return information. If discs are left at customer service because of a missing gold foil label (#6 above) the customer will be charged for the full time left at customer service unless the location is out of gold foil labels.